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Prototype build

Our prototype builds are a highly valued part of the development process — we take the drawings and make them work

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Experience is everything.

MI Vehicle Integration has the capability, specific expertise and experience needed to carry out large scale commercial and military prototype builds and deliver the necessary feedback to the customer on any build or design issues that are experienced during the process.

No amount of computer aided design (CAD) or simulation can fully prepare you for what might happen in prototyping. It’s only then that you find what really works, and what doesn’t, and where adjustments to design, materials or build processes need to be made. The highly skilled workforce at MI Vehicle Integration has extensive experience of working from drawings and CAD models to deliver a fully sorted working prototype. With developmental fault finding skills and up to the minute knowledge of CAN Bus as well as other electronic and hydraulic systems we able to not only feed back on issues but solve the problems we encounter along the way, enabling the optimisation of the customer’s future build specification and process.